Keep your eye in the sky and your feet on the ground.

Integrated camera solutions for all applications.

This video shows some of the capabilities of 8K Solution's mastRcam Air product. mastRcam Air can be suspended above any field and provide overhead shots in full HD video. The system uses a broadcast quality PTZ camera mounted to a gyro stabilized gimbal for perfect shots.

  • Safety

  • Performance

  • Affordability

The entire system is powered by an integrated battery and inverter system designed to provide hours of use without and connection to external power.

mastRcam Indoor.jpeg

Master Control Station

Control the system on the field, from the press box or your video room.  The system can be configured with multiple control stations and a master control viewer.  Video is captured live and can flow directly to your editing software.

Each 8K mastRcam system is custom designed to your needs.  The system can also be connected directly to Lyvve Coach to provide your coaches and players instant feedback on the practice field.

Come see it in Action:

  • AFCA

  • Senior Bowl

  • NFL Combine

  • CSVA

  • SVG College