[247sports.com] Detroit Lions OTA practice notes: T.V. screens added to field

The Detroit Lions are getting back to the swing of things on the practice fields during the OTA sessions, and with the media allowed to stop by and take a look, it quickly became clear that there's been a little bit of redecorating around Allen Park with Matt Patricia at the helm. Forever, the Lions fields have been the same with generic scoreboards, but now, the Lions have gotten on the cutting edge and added a television screen to allow them to get a quick look at plays and make adjustments on the fly.

[Detroit Free Press freep.com] Detroit Lions minicamp observations: Mike Singletary makes Day 3 visit

One of the best linebackers in NFL history made a surprise visit to Detroit Lions minicamp Thursday, but Mike Singletary wasn't really there for the football.

Singletary, who's presently coaching high school football in suburban Dallas and will take over as coach of the to-be-named Memphis franchise in the new Alliance of American Football next year, stopped by the Lions' Allen Park practice facility Thursday to check out the new video board at the team's outdoor practice field.

[mlive.com] Detroit Lions' new video board attracts a visit from a Hall-of-Famer

One of Matt Patricia's many stamps on Lions practices comes in a pixelated display hanging next to the scoreboard in Allen Park. It's a jumbotron that allows coaches to watch plays from another angle as they happen, and it's something he's hoping can elevate the way Detroit runs practices.

Its effect remains to be seen, but it did attract one Hall-of-Famer on Thursday. Mike Singletary was the day's guest, there to check out the technology a much younger first-time head coach was implementing into his practices.

[FloridaGators.com] Gators Changing Practice Methods with Lyvve Coach

Meet Lyyve Coach: The two trailer-mounted 12' x 7' outdoor rated LED boards give Florida's coaching staff an immediate look at what just happened on the field after a drill or play. Manufactured by 8K Solutions in Titusville, Fla., the Lyvve Coach boards are lightweight enough to be pushed anywhere on the field by hand, or towed behind a golf cart. 

[Florida Today] NFL, college mast cams made by Titusville company

Twenty-four NFL teams and 18 teams from the college power-five conferences have switched from the traditional manned scissor lifts to the new mobile “mast cams.” Rated for 55 miles per hour winds, the MastRcam operator sits at a console with a pan zoom tilt control to shoot practices. 

[Chiefs.com] The Latest in Technology is Watching Over the Chiefs Practice Fields

The Chiefs are using new practice cameras this season that don’t require a traditional manned lift - “They’re called mastRcam mobiles,” said Pat Brazil, the Chiefs’ Director of Video Operations. “Basically, they’re similar to a boat trailer with a moulded canopy and Bimini on top, with a 55-foot tall telescoping mast that’s rated for 50 miles per hour."