[THE BIG STORY] Jaguars, other NFL teams doing away with scissor lifts

From THE BIG STORY:  "Mike Perkins has spent countless hours filming Jacksonville Jaguars practices from a scissor lift about 50 feet in the air.

It was uncomfortable, even downright scary, at times. Strong wind, sideways rain, nearby lightning, Perkins has experienced all of it.

So when Perkins, the team's director of football technology, had the opportunity to move away from the sometimes-dangerous lifts for good, he didn't hesitate.

Now, the Jags are one of at least 10 NFL teams that have partially or completely eliminated scissor lifts and switched to mobile "mast cams," which have high-definition cameras atop high-reaching poles and are controlled remotely from the ground...

A company called 8K Solutions in Titusville, about two hours south of Jacksonville, has seemingly perfected the mast cams (mastRcam). The Jaguars used them at the Senior Bowl in January, where a number of other NFL teams took notice."

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